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Follow my journey on "EXPERIMENT 90". A huge life-changing progress I'll share with you for the next 90 days.

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Hello lovely attendee! My name is Sabrina, yoga lover, snowboarder, runner, mountaineer, healthy food addict, nature lover, action junkie, bookworm, tea drinker, animal lover and sunshine from Austria!
In years past I've been struggling a lot with myself until I got ill and realized that life is so damn worth living!
So I established this blog to document my journey back to ME! It's my 'motivational thing' for getting my ass up every day and fighting against giving up. And maybe it can be your 'motivational thing' too, to give yourself as well as your body, your heart and your soul a treat!
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USTRASANA - camel pose.

Stretches the entire front of the body, the ankles, thighs and groins,
Abdomen and chest, and throat
Stretches the deep hip flexors (psoas)
Strengthens back muscles
Improves posture
Stimulates the organs of the abdomen and neck

Therapeutic Applications:
Respiratory ailments
Mild backache
Menstrual discomfort

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